Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update from the Rejector

I haven't been posting a lot, mostly due to a slow pace of questions, a lot of which I've answered just by replying via email, since the question was already asked at some point on the blog. I've still got a few in my inbox, including one mythical one I thought was awesome but read at some time where I couldn't respond, and then it disappeared. Seriously. I have no idea where it is, but it was so wonderfully smug.

I'll be offline for the next week (combination of Shavuot/camping), but back for the BEA, provided my publisher finally coughs up that author badge. I won't be live tweeting from it or anything, mostly because those posts would be along the lines of, "It's really hot and loud in here" and "Four dollars for a water!? Damn you, Javitz Center!" If those drummers come back, I may renew my vow to find acid and throw it in their faces, and then not do it, not entirely because of the non-availability of acid in the Javitz Center.

You can leave a comment, but it probably will not be approved until Sunday. Until then, enjoy!