Sunday, October 22, 2006

Memorable Queries

I do have a question for you: Has there been a query letter that sticks out in your mind as one you will remember for many years? (something so wrong it was humorous? something so wrong it was frightful? something so wonderful that you were deeply impressed?) If so, would you mind sharing that with us?

Most of my favorite queries fall neatly into a category, like the author is crazy, the author knows nothing about how to make sentences make sense, or the plot is immediately derived from a movie they just saw. And of course, psychic lesbian detectives. If possible, I make a photocopy or keep the original query. I have a binder full of them.

Unfortunately, scruples prevent me from just reposting them in full here, but I will discuss them when I talk about things that make me laugh.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with psychic lesbian detectives?! Back off.

(Hey, I heard that!)

Buffy said...

Psychic lesbian detectives...I think I caught that on A&E.


Anonymous said...

Psychic Lesbian Detectives (TM)?

That was some sort of fad among writer wanna-bes?

But WHY?