Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Friendly Skies and Skin Cancer

Since apparently you can only learn about skin cancer in a place where you're most likely to get it, my dad has a dermatology meeting in St. Thomas. I once asked my dad if there's direct connection between his not paying for his hotel stay while doing a drug study and the fact that my Zofran costs $39 a pill, and he said "Absolutely not" with a straight face. He's not lying; he's just delusional.

The rest of the family does have to pay, but the point of this little ramble is that I'm going to be away from now until Sunday, so I'm turning off the comments because I won't be around to approve them. When I get back we can discuss my test drive of my e-Reader (actually a refurbished Fujitsu tablet PC). Cheers!


Michelle O'Neil said...

As someone with a grudge against big pharma, I love this post.

Hope you had a good trip though.

Cicily Janus said...

Go read Strange Skies by Matt Marinovich. Nothing to do with Pharmaceutical comps. but it has to do with Skin Cancer and going to beautiful places. When I saw the heading of the blog, I thought that it was about the book.

How funny.

Thanks for posting.