Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Administrative Post

1. I do not tolerate comments that attack specific individuals, especially agents and publishers who do not post on this blog in the first place. If you have a specific issue with some agent, publisher, or writer, take it elsewhere. Posts naming names and then bashing them will be deleted or rejected.

2. That said, if you make a crazy, completely anonymous, rambling post, you are opening yourself up and are considered fair game.


Anonymous said...

You tell'em, TR!

I think that since this anonymous poster (aka Darth Vader--how original!) has so much to say in his capacity as a "literary agent," he should start up his own blog rather than insulting those of us looking for helpful information from an industry insider. Obviously, Mr. Vader is vastly more intelligent and industry-savvy than the rest of us and I would make it a point to follow his blog daily, perhaps hourly, to gain a morsel of his overflowing wisdom.

I'm sure Andrew and Peter Rubie would do the same. We can all use a little help from someone who knows. That's why we're here.

So, Mr. Vader, when you have your blog set up and have posted your first rant on what all the rest of us are doing wrong in our infinite stupidity, please provide us with a link so we may bask in your awesomeness.

Otherwise, please take your soap box and your drunken tirades somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

has Vader admitted to being the "4000 rejections" anon? did i miss that? the comments are eerily similar in their illegible sputtering.

Alter said...

Hey; just a quick note. Congrats on getting on the Writer's Digest list of best websites for 2008 (link at http://www.writersdigest.com/101BestSites/?m_sCategory=AgentBlogs&m_nYear=2008 )

That's bound to give the old resume a bit of a boost.

Miss Sharp said...

DV said she did a thing on "TED."

What is TED?

Anonymous said...

I seriously think it's time you just told us which agency you work for. Why the heck not? I'm dying to know if I've been rejected (or even accepted) by the Rejecter!

Elissa M said...

I'm not sure we should be discussing Mr. (It's not me, it's you!) Vader because he promised not to say "anything else until (he) see(s) some input here." That's a promise I'd like to see kept.

Anonymous said...

Rejecter, why don't you want to simply delete or reject any crazy, completely anonymous, rambling post? Surely I'm not the only who finds them to be uninteresting. Mocking them also is way too easy to be interesting.

And it actually seems a little wrong to be making fun of this person (these people?). Or to be addressing them as if they were able to refrain from being inappropriate and irrational. Would you stand around mocking a homeless person who was ranting on some street corner? Should being crazy really make you "fair game"?

Most crazy people were once sane -- or could be again if they had insurance that would cover their medication. Or if they would listen to their relatives who are desperately trying to convince them to get help.

It makes me sad to see such a good blog take such an ugly turn.

The Rejecter said...


I don't think it's a change - it's been going on since the beginning. Crazy people make incoherent posts. I don't reject them because I don't reject posts unless they have some kind of racial slur in them. People go nuts trying to figure out what the person was trying to say. If you want, you can skip those posts, or just not look at the comments.