Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sub Rights

My first novel is in print and will remain in print with a small publisher who uses print-on-demand through Booksurge. Distribution has been limited to Amazon and my publisher’s website. My publisher retains first rights and has not pursued the sale of subsidiary rights but has encouraged me to contact agencies to see if I can find an agent who’d sell subsidiary rights. The agents I’ve contacted so far have stated simply that they don’t represent books already in print with a publisher. I’ve been advised to try to sell first rights to a larger publisher, but they’re not mine to sell. Any suggestions? My novel explores a timely topic (interracial families) with which I have personal experience. It’s received good reviews, including one from Girl on Demand at POD-dy Mouth. Thanks for any insights you can offer.

This isn't my area of expertise, but the response you've gotten from agents isn't surprising. Nobody wants to pay a POD publisher rights to a book they're bothering to represent/republish. The big publishing companies won't bite, so there won't be decent money involved.

Look carefully at your contract with the POD publisher and see when their hold on first rights expires. It may be as short as a year. For suggestions on how to get out of a contract with a POD publisher, I would talk to Miss Snark.


Anonymous said...

There are agents in LA who are solely interested in selling movie rights. Joel Gottlieb for instance. That's who I'd approach.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. My response would have been...let it go. Write another book.