Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Why are we STILL on the subject of gift baskets?

Just curious: If the "Gift" basket/certificate is sent to the agent as a thank you, is the agent supposed to send a thank-you for the thank-you?

A quick email acknowledging that it arrived is more than adequate if you ask me.

But you didn't, did you . . . ask me?

I would assume the same rules apply here that apply in any real life gift basket situation - you send a thank you if you feel like it or feel you should. My dad, who is a skin cancer surgeon, often does work pro-bono for needy patients or friends, so he regularly gets gift baskets. I don't know if he sends thank yous, but I've never seen him do it. On the other hand, if someone sent me a large gift basket for my birthday, I might send a thank you note. Who knows?

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Anonymous said...

From this I know! Editor visits Yahoo loop, is extremely forthcoming and pleasant, sends writer personal email of encouragement. Writer is genuinely thankful. And, having been raised by lovely parents, feels compelled to thank editor. Editor has a well publicized love for a certain culture. Writer knows of bakery far far away that delivers culturally yummy treats and sends package to editor with note that simple reads "Thanks for your time and sharing your expertise." Editor emails back: "Wow! Thank you! What is your address so I can send you a thank you." Writer says "No need, I was thanking you. Enjoy the treats." End of relationship. Writer has no plans to query editor and will never email him again. No strings attached. No head banging, 8th grade "Does he like me??" Fini.