Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A rare reason to make a call

Dear Rejecter,
I moved this past summer. Before I moved overseas, I sent a query to an agency that doesn't have a website or e-mail address. My relatives in the US informed me that the said agency replied asking for a full. I sent the full from my current country of residence in September. (The letter for the full came in July). My question is, should I call the agency to know the status of my manuscript? I know this is a no-no, but I did not send the package as certified because it was going to a PO Box, and for the past month, many letters have gone missing in the post offices around here.

I really want to make sure that they received the manuscript since they are the only agency to ask for a full. Thank you in advance.

The agency has no email whatsover? Check that it's a legitimate agency at Preditors and Editors, do a web search again for the email, and if you find nothing, I think you're justified in making a call. On the phone, be brief. Just ask them if they received it and if they have an email address, not whether they've read it or not (they probably haven't).


Anonymous said...

Nancy Coffey didn't have email until like twenty minutes ago, and she's a gem!

The Rejecter said...

She is really good.

Some agents clearly don't have email, but checking Preditors and Editors is never bad.

Marie Simas said...

No e-mail address or website? I call bullshit.

C. Alderete said...

Because there's no appropriate place to comment on this, I'll leave it here. I love your "Websites by Scam Agents and Fake Contests" header for your ads. Hilarious.

dolorah said...

I think you should call. It's not as if you're checking on a query. This is a request for full, and you do have an unusual circumstance.


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