Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Agent 404 Message

Maybe THIS is why I can't reach my agent on the phone when I need to tell her that my editor has just asked me to send that proposal ASAP. Only problem with e-mail is apparently they don't answer that in a prompt fashion, either.I e-mailed first, waited for a week, called, left a voice mail, waited some more ... so finally I just put the proposal in the mail myself. Reading this, I don't know whether I'm steamed at the droves of people calling or the agent for not at least listening/reading messages. Miss Rejecter, what would you have advised me to do in my aforementioned situation? Have I burnt my bridges with my agent?

If she/he is your agent and you are their client, and the editor you're speaking of is an editor at a publishing house, you have every right to pester them. Once you are a client with a contract you can do that sort of thing. Your agent should be answering you.

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Anonymous said...

Miss Rejecter,

I was the poster of this comment. Thanks so much for your answer! It reassures me mightily!