Friday, October 27, 2006

Giving Someone First Look

When my novel was a work in progress, it was shortlisted in a competition. A couple of agents read the 25k words in existence then, and asked to see the novel when finished, as did a publisher.

It's now finished. I do want to follow up with the agents who read the work in progress, but I'd also like to not limit my options too early. Should I let the two agents read the full ms first before anyone else sees it, or would it be ok to send partials out to a few other agents at the same time? If I do, I assume I should tell them that the full ms is being considered elsewhere.

You can send out queries to other, random agents at the same time, and you don't have to tell the original agents you're doing that, but it's kind of rude. Honestly, if you have an "in" with a publisher and a couple of agents, try that first before blind-querying a bunch of other agents, unless you have someone specific in mind that you also want to try.

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