Friday, October 27, 2006

Multiple Query Letters to the Same Agent

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it okay to send out seperate query letters out for each novel to the same agents at the same time? I'm not doing this, but I've read that it is done and might be useful to this questioner.

Uhh... I guess you could do that, but it would look a little odd. Seperate them by like a week or two.


Anonymous said...

What's the inherent difference in separating by a week versus not separating at all? You're still simultaneously submitting in most cases. To whom, exactly, would it look a little odd?

Luna said...

If I could disagree slightly here...what my agent told me (so this is entirely subjective) and what I've heard from other authors talk with frequently is that a writer should submit the first work, wait for a rejection or acceptance, and then submit the second. Agents, as a general rule, don't like to be inundated with multiple works. If their response to your first work is a rejection, write up the next query letter with "Based on your feedback from volume X, I believe volume Y may be more suited to your tastes".

Or so I have read.

FuzzyWulfe said...

It looks odd in the same way having a small bouquet of flowers delivered every day for a week could be romantic, but receiving enough that a team of delivery guys is needed is pushing into creepy.

I can see waiting a week or two in that they probably won't remember your name after that time frame.